Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre is currently closed

Chalet Faure’s wellness centre & spa offers a variety of treatments to relax and pamper you during your stay in Sauze d’Oulx. Sample treatments are listed below and are available to book and purchase. These include sports, antioxidant and holistic massages, a variety of facial and beauty treatments along with sauna, Turkish bath and more. Other treatments are also available, please enquire at time of booking or during your stay with us.


Sport massage (with Arnica gel)

Holistic relaxation massage

Antioxidant exfoliating treatment

Anticellulite treatment

Facial Care

Deep cleansing with a holistic face massage

Purification treatment with facial lymphatic massage

Anti ageing and antioxidant facial treatment

Sun treatment with beta carotene and Vitamin A



Scottish Shower


Turkish Bath

Bikini, leg, chest, back and arm waxing is also available along with eyebrow dying and more.

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